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Characteristics of Kashima Coat

Lubrication Properties

Molybdenum disulfide crystals have significantly enhanced the hard film’s lubrication. Boasts sufficient lubrication for sliding parts to withstand wear without greasing.

Aluminum Kashima Coat Treatment Static Friction Coefficient Dynamic Friction Coefficient
A1050 30μm film 0.20 0.17
ADC12 10μm film 0.21 0.14

※Mating Material is S35C Steel Ball

Aluminum Kashima Coat Treatment
A1050 30μm film
ADC12 10μm film
Aluminum Static Friction Coefficient Dynamic Friction Coefficient
A1050 0.20 0.17
ADC12 0.21 0.14

※Mating Material is S35C Steel Ball

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum is unfortunately susceptible to corrosion. This shortcoming can be overcome with Kashima Coat, producing 4 to 5 times the corrosion resistance of conventional chrome plating. A coating thickness of 50μ or greater produces more than 1000 hours of resistance in the salt spray test (5%35℃), making it ideal even for yacht masts subject to strong salt content.

  • 【Corrosion Resistance】

    Corrosion Resistance

  • 【Sample Results of Salt Spray Test】

    Aluminum Based Material Kashima Coat Treatment Corrosion Resistance Time
    A1050 30μm film 1500H(OK)
    ADC12 15μm film 500H(OK)


  • The electric insulation of standard hard oxide treatment is around 1μ10V. Kashima Coat enhances the breakdown voltage by 50%. The volume resistivity is also enhanced by more than 1 digit.

    Thermally-related cracking is also prevented. Ideal for computer parts requiring insulation.

  • Insulation

Superb Hardness and Wear Resistance

  • While aluminum is generally considered to be a soft material, Kashima Coat exceeds Hv400 hardness.

    Abrasion resistance testing shows results some 3 times that of hard chrome plating. Also viable as a new material for parts requiring the hardness of steel and stainless steel.

  • 【Rotational friction coefficient】

    Rotational friction coefficient

High Precision

The Miyaki Group’s surface processing technology produces a uniform film. Another super characteristic of Kashima Coat is the addition of lapping and final polishing processes capable of enhancing product precision.
Ideal even for parts demanding high precision.

Light Weight

Aluminum is 1/3 the specific gravity of iron. The present day demand for light weight materials is expanding aluminum’s range of uses. Kashima Coat is set to further expand its field of application.


Color ranges from gold, to bronze and black depending on the alloy material, anodizing film, and treatment conditions.