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Processing Examples

Kashima Coat
is actively implemented in a diverse range of fields where it is currently opening up a completely new realm of possibilities.

Technological innovation in the field of hydraulic equipment has seen the increasing introduction of lightweight valve spool parts and a shift from the polish finishing of carburized steel, to anodizing treatment of cut aluminum parts. Miyaki’s treatment is gradually being applied to a greater variety of valves in the ongoing promotion of high quality product creation.

Kashima Coat Actively Protecting Core Parts

  • Suspension / Aluminum Tubes

    Manufacturers have continued to push the boundaries of technology to bring us suspension for two-wheeled vehicles that boasts superb drivability, durability, and is both lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. High aluminum tubes - aluminum tubes treated with Kashima Coat - are attracting attention as a leading-edge material.

    Low friction facilitated by lubrication realizes superb drivability and durability.
    Its characteristic color and exterior gives Kashima Coat a high quality finish that is loved by many.

  • Suspension / Aluminum Tubes

  • Engine / Transmission

    The advancement of lean burn technology for engines – a branch of research investigating the reduction of harmful emission gases – demands pistons that can operate under extreme temperatures. It has been demonstrated that Kashima Coat treatment plays a significant role in lubricating under high temperatures. As such, there has been a steady increase in demand for use with parts such as piston ring grooves and pin holes. We are constantly working on new ways to produce more reliable, durable, and light weight moving parts able to withstand the harsh conditions of combustion engines.

    Rocker arms are one such example where significant weight and cost reductions were made by making the change from iron to Kashima Coat treated aluminum as its self-lubricating nature alleviates the need for bearings.

  • Engine / Transmission

Introduction of Processing Examples

  • Pistons


    ・Prevents adhesion and impact wear of ring grooves
    ・Improves wear resistance and sliding properties of pin holes

  • Pulleys


    ・Improves wear resistance of tooth groove and flange

  • Trochoid Pump

    Trochoid Pump

    ・Adhesion of ring groove
    ・Pin hole wear

  • Rocker Arms

    Rocker Arms

    ・Shift from iron to lightweight aluminum
    ・Improved wear resistance of sliding surfaces

  • Valve Spool, Solenoid Parts

    Valve Spool, Solenoid Parts

    ・Fretting wear measure
    ・Improved sliding properties