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Manufacturing PR

Automated Treatment

Provision of Stable Quality via a Fully Automated Computer-controlled Line The line has been made completely unmanned using an automatic management systems, facilitating efficient operation with minimal personnel.

Production Management System

Thoroughgoing Traceability System! In the case of a defect or problem, the product’s channel of distribution from production to final delivery to the consumer can be traced to determine the relevant personnel and work day.

Production Line

A Complete Complement of Dedicated Lines for various Materials, Shapes, and Applications Along with the optimum electrolytic solution settings (temperature/concentration) for each product, a thorough process design is in place for all stages from jig attachment, to inspection and packaging.

  • Dedicated Valve Line
    (HV400 or greater possible)

    Dedicated Valve Line(HV400 or greater possible)

  • Dedicated Die Cast / Cast Metal Line

    Dedicated Die Cast / Cast Metal Line

  • Dedicated Piston Line

    Dedicated Piston Line

  • Dedicated Line for Small Lots
    (prototypes, other)

    Dedicated Line for Small Lots (prototypes, other)

Response Capabilities

Quick delivery is also catered for. Please enquire for details.

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Technology PR

Proposal Capabilities

kashima coating is like throwing one stone to get more than two birds.

Adoption Example
  • Conventional (without Kashima Coat)

    Conventional (without Kashima Coat)

  • New (with application of Kashima Coat)

    New (with application of Kashima Coat)

In the case of a trochoid pump…

  • Conventional (without Kashima Coat)

  • New (with application of Kashima Coat)

Comparison with Conventional Method
Cost Mass Productivity / Workability
20%-30% reduction 30%-40% reduction 20%-40% improvement
Comparison with Conventional Method
20%-30% reduction
30%-40% reduction
Productivity / Workability
20%-40% improvement
Sales Point

Applying Kashima Coat to aluminum products and eliminating all sliding and rotating subassembly parts allows for direct connection to mating parts, enhancing product precision by making products lighter and more accurate!

Other Applicable Products and Fields

・Sliding systems and valve systems in oil pumps, rocker arms, etc.
・Suspension parts
・Wear countermeasure in pneumatic and oil pressure valves

Technical Capabilities and Development Capabilities

We also handle products with complex shapes and partial treatment through masking.
Miyaki independently designs and develops all dedicated product jigs and masking molds.

Analytical Capabilities

A full complement of measuring and surveillance equipment is available. Please enquire about failure analysis and other analytical services.

Measuring Instruments

2 friction and wear testers, 2 automatic titrators, 3 roughness testers
1 microscope, 1 hardness tester, numerous membrane thickness meters and micrometers

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